Small dogs: $14.00 per day, per dog (Cocker Spaniel size and smaller)
Large dogs: $16.00 per day, per dog (Springer size and larger)
Extra Large dogs: $18.00 per day, per dog (St. Bernard, Great Dane, etc.)


Regular cat cages: $7.00 per day per cat, 2' x 3', with a "crawl through" to another 2' x 3" area
Deluxe cat cages: $9.00 per day per cat, 4' x 6' with windows, cat trees and scratchies

Extra Services:

Playtimes: Dogs are individually taken out of their kennel to a large outdoor area with 6' fencing. The cost is $5.00 per 15 minutes. There is a limit of 2 playtimes per day over holidays.

Baths/Nails: Bath prices vary according to breed, beginning at $14.00, and include nails, ears and 15 minutes of brushing. Nail cutting by itself costs $5.00.


Reservations are recommended. We prefer a week in advance, or a month in advance during holidays to ensure a spot is available. A $25 deposit per pet is required for holiday boardings. Customers are charged for the day IN unless you bring your pet in after 4:00 p.m. You always pay for the day out.


Customers must bring a current proof of shots record from their veterinarian:

(Dogs) Distemper series, Rabies and Bordetella
(Cats) Distemper and Rabies


We provide stainless steel water and food dishes. We feed dry, small nugget cat food and dog food. Customers may bring their own food and/or treats for their pet(s), if they wish to do so.

"Beds" are not allowed but small rugs or blankets (twin size or smaller), toys, chewies, rawhides, etc. are accepted. We do not replace or launder any personal items.


We will administer medications, apply salves/ointments but we do not give any shots. There is no extra charge for this service. We supply hot dogs for giving pills. Customers may bring pill pockets, cheese, etc. for their pet if they choose.

New rates effective March 1, 2014

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