Our Customers Keep Coming Back!

"We have taken our German shorthairs to Red Wing Kennels for over 30 years and we couldn't be happier with Red Wing. We know they treat our dogs well because all of our dogs are happy when we take them there."
—Jenny with Abby (German Shorthair Pointer)

"My name is Kailey, and I have been staying at Red Wing Kennels for almost 12 years when my Mom is traveling. My brother, Bradley, who is no longer with us, had fun here too, playing with the cats and visiting other dogs (always through a fence). I love it here as Carrie and her staff treat me like I am one of their own, with care and loving. I enjoy my playtime in the nice fenced-in outdoor area, especially on sunny days. My home away from home is very clean, warm in the winter and cool in the summer. I can even bring my own bedding and toys and the gals feed me just as my Mom does. If I need to take meds, the staff makes sure they are on my schedule. Even though I may not be really fond of it, my Mom asks if I can have a bath and nail trim before she picks me up, and it's included in the cost of my stay. Please come and visit Red Wing Kennels. You'll like it here!"
—Joyce with Kailey and Bradley (Beagles)

"Red Wing Kennels is an outstanding facility with an outstanding staff. I have two female labs and they consider Red Wing to be their second home. I have been using Red Wing Kennels for approximately 9 years. My "girls" have come home healthy and happy after every stay. They are loved, played with and well taken care of. As a pet owner, I couldn't be happier with our experience at Red Wing Kennels."
—Liz with Fran and Lucy (Yellow and Black Labradors)

“It's always our dogs’ favorite place to go. Just mention the kennel and they are at the door with their tails wagging ready to go. The girls treat them like their own and spoil them rotten.”
—Yvonne & Jeff with Ajax and Stinkers (Jack Russells)


“Anyone who has or had a pet knows that his or her pet is a member of the family. And just like when parents agonize over finding a babysitter for their child, they agonize just as much to find someone to take care of their pet. For my husband and I that was a more agonizing decision since we both travel for extended periods of time. We didn't just need someone for a day or two but sometimes for a week or two. We were relocated to WI in 2001 for work. A friend recommended Red Wing Kennels and it was the best recommendation we have ever received. From the first meeting with them we were at ease and Ranger, our Rottweiler, was also happy and excited. This was the start of a long-term friendship. Since that first meeting they have grieved with us at the loss of our dogs and celebrated with us when we introduced new dogs into our family. All along the way they have cared for each of our dogs as if they were their own-taken care of our dogs after surgery, ensured they took all of their medication and received the appropriate exercise, or rest, as was required. It is obvious they care and are passionate about what they do. I can't tell you how comforting it is to see how excited our dogs(s) are when we bring them to stay at the kennel. We know they are well cared for. Thank you for everything you have done for us over all these years. You are part of our family.”
—Ken & Diana with Guiness (Bullmastiff)

“I had been a client of other kennels with my 8yr old dog. I'm so glad that 3 yrs ago, fate brought me to Red Wing. Not only are price and hours of operation a plus for me, the facility is clean and safe. The owner and other staff treat my Molly with that something extra. At Red Wing Kennnels my 'baby' is truly cared for and not just a moneymaker as with some other kennels.”
—Sandy with Molly (Bichon Freise)

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