Red Wing Kennels Boarding Agreement & Liability Waiver

I am enrolling my pet into the services of Red Wing Kennels, LLC. While my pet is under the care and supervision of Red Wing Kennels, LLC, I fully understand the following:

  • The employees of Red Wing Kennels, LLC are not veterinarians; however, they do have backgrounds in veterinary care. They are not expected to diagnose or detect illnesses in guest.
  • That my pet must be fully vaccinated before use of any service of Red Wing Kennels, LLC. Complete vaccination policies can be found on our FAQ Section.
  • That I assume all risk associated with using the services at Red Wing Kennels, LLC which include but not limited to illness, disease, or injury to self or other pets and damage to Red Wing Kennels, LLC. I release and indemnify Red Wing Kennels, LLC, and its owner from all actions, suits or claims for injury, loss, or damage regardless of the cause.
  • The danger associated with off-leash dog play – Red Wing Kennels, LLC will not be held liable of injury to pets due to dog fights, rough playing, or transmission of disease.
  • Photographs and videos are taken daily. These forms of media are used for advertisement and selected social media sites.
  • Red Wing Kennels, LLC reserves the right to move any pet into quarantine at any time. I will be responsible for any charges resulting from this transition.
  • I have supplied all emergency contacts for my pet, and they have been given specific instruction on how to handle an emergency.
  • If emergency contacts cannot be reached, I give full permission to Red Wing Kennels, LLC to transport my pet to a local emergency center. I will accept full financial responsibility of my bill to Red Wing Kennels, LLC as well as the Emergency Center.
  • If my pet shall experience high anxiety levels and become destructive to Red Wing Kennels, LLC property I will accept full financial responsibility of all repairs.
  • Although properly vaccinated, my pet can still contract illness from attending Red Wing Kennels, LLC.
  • Red Wing Kennels, LLC does not accept any pet that is considered human aggressive and reserves the right to dismiss the dog from any service.
  • I have received and read Red Wing Kennels, LLC’s pricing and policies.

By accepting the Agreement Waiver in our forms, you agree to this boarding agreement and release of liability.

Thank you for your cooperation,

Red Wing Kennels, LLC
Sussex, WI
(262) 246-3850